Case Studies

Case Studies

This customer in Reston, VA had gutters that were constantly getting clogged and overflowing. Also, their underground drains were frequently clogged and had to be snaked every...
About 2 years ago this customer had new 6 inch gutters and 3 x 4 in. downspouts installed on their home in Reston, VA. Several corners were cut during the installation process...
This Oakton, VA home was having water overflow at every valley of their home.  It was causing damage to the fascia and pitting the ground under the valley area.
This couple in Haymarket, VA. had fascia boards that were rotting due to clogging, overflowing gutters, that were saturating the wood behind the gutters.
Oak Tassles were clogging the gutters, downspouts, and underground drains.
This home in Bethesda, MD had been updated recently but still had a gutter issue because the downspouts were not directly connected to lower gutters and they were not covered...
Copper gutters were overflowing at inside valleys causing pitting in their patio.
Gutters were too small for this home and were causing clogging and overflow. There was so much excess water that it was rotting out the fascia and trim.
At this home in Springfield, VA. - the home had fascia boards that were rotted due to improper installation of fascia wrap.  It was only installed half way up the board...
Jay G. - Washington, DC. - had half round gutters on his home.  He was having issues with water overflowing them.  He also had underground drains and needed them...
This ranch style home in Marshall, VA. was having issues with debris clogging their gutter system and overflows at the valleys.
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