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Making the right investment in your home requires a lot of research and knowledge. It's important to get the facts straight before you make a big purchase. Read our frequently asked questions that help homeowners make the decision to install MasterShield Gutter Guards onto their homes.

Q: But what happens in a HEAVY rain?

A: The water goes into the gutter, through the filter. Really. Ask for a demonstration to test for yourself.

Q: Doesn't the filter get gummed up by oil and other stuff over time?

A: The proprietary, patent protected design of MasterShield prevents this in almost all cases. In the event your home is exceptional in this regard, we guarantee to come unfoul the filter as long as we are the ones who installed it.

Q: What's your warranty?

A: Three parts, see actual warranty for details:

Gutter will never clog, for life.

Gutter cannot plug and cause water damage, guaranteed.

System will not plug from moss growth, guaranteed.

Q: This looks just like the so and so other product, what's the difference?

A: We've found that there is a great deal of consumer confusion between products prior to an in-home demonstration. The primary differences between MasterShield and any other system on the market can be found at the page called Why MasterShield is Special. In addition to the technology itself, our installation methodology is equally important.

Q: Is it a bad thing to install something under my shingles?

A: This is a big area of scare tactics but there is a grain of truth. First, the short answer: no, there is no issue installing flashing under your shingles. That's what (good) roofers do in the first place. MasterShield is designed to have built-in drip edge flashing for the BENEFIT of your roof, because regretfully many roofers skip that component.

If you have any doubts about this, please see the largest shingle manufacturer in the country talking about the importance of drip edge flashing in their installation guide here.

The long answer: You do not want someone putting an extremely rigid, inflexible product under your leading edge of roofing. Doing so causes stress and strain (and potential leaking & breakage) on your roof itself because it must "give in" to whatever that rigid object is. You do not want to force a square peg into a round hole, so to speak. There are many examples of very bad installation practices throughout the gutter protection industry. Most companies sub contract the installation of their systems, which results in very poor quality control because, by definition, the installers don't even work for the company you bought the product from. That's why MasterShield is installed only by trained, in-house crews that know what they're doing and must do the job right the first time.Our mission is to solve your gutter problems, not create new ones.

Broken Shingle

The problem with an improper installation-broken shingles from strain

Strained Shingles

You can see the inverse strain on the shingles in this example

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