Why MasterShield is Special

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016


We get this question a lot; everyone has heard how great MasterShield is, but they don't really know why that is. How does our product differ from competitors? This gives the run down on the top three defining characteristics of MasterShield.

1) Self Cleaning Microfilter

MasterShield incorporates patent protected tangential flow cross-filtration to eliminate filter cake in almost all cases. The primary flaw with all lookalike microfilter products is that they necessarily direct water and clogging agents directly into the filter. This causes deposits to be left behind as some makes it through and some doesn't. These deposits accumulate over time and cause the filter to "blind" and waterproof (meaning you have to pressure wash it to clear the holes). Competitors say they just make the holes in the filter bigger and that somehow fixes it, but doesn't a dryer vent clog up just as easily as an oil filter?

  • With MasterShield, the filter is designed for cross-flow, which is why when we call it a self cleaning filter it's not just a phrase we appropriated to sell product – it's exactly why MasterShield is the most advanced, maintenance free gutter guard you can buy for your home.

2) Sloped like your roof

If you expect the debris that washes/blows down your roof now to keep on going, you'd better not put an intersecting plane in the way! Installing at a steeper angle ensures that not only does the water go in shortly after installation when everything is pretty and clean – it will continue to function long after the changing seasons have thrown their worst at you.

3) Versatile Installation

It comes as absolutely no surprise that every home is unique, and the special needs of your project will differ from those of your neighbors. What is special about MasterShield is we have a completely versatile installation.

  • We can install new gutters, or many times reuse what you have
  • We can install MasterShield as fascia mounted for standing seam or metal roofs.
  • We can mount MasterShield to the gutter supports, similar to how LeafFilter is installed (just with more of a shedding angle)
  • We can utilize the built in flashing on the back fin of the system to help protect your roof (this is especially helpful in cases where your roofer did not install a drip edge in the first place)

The bottom line? We tailor our installation practices to fit your home and your needs – not ours.

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