Friday, March 11th, 2016

Spring Gutter Problems – The Top Complaints People Have

Spring gutter problems are frustrating. You've got a winter's worth of branches and debris that have dropped into your gutters. If your winter was cold and snowy, your gutters could have pulled from your home. Here are the top four complaints people have when they deal with their gutters each spring.

Spring Gutter Problems

  1. Your Gutters Have Pulled from Your Home:Gutters that pull from your home have often been up for years and were originally hung with spikes and ferrules. Spikes are nailed into your fascia and the constant freeze thaw cycle or weight from being filled with debris causes them to pull away and fail. Time to get new gutters! Make sure they're hung with hidden hangers. And don't skimp on hangers as they, too can be the cause of a collapsed gutter. In colder climates, you'll want hangers installed closer together. Ask the installer to get as many as he can into the joists behind the fascia for extra support.

MasterShield Gutters

Gutter cleaning and repair needed here. Spikes couldn't keep the gutter attached to the home. A few hangers can help.

  1. You've got water damage to your home from clogged gutters. You can be a saint about cleaning your gutters, but it doesn't take much for debris to knit together over a downspout allowing the gutter to fill up with water. Depending on how your gutters are hung, water can get behind them, into your soffit and follow the path of least resistance. We've seen situations where it runs behind a home's siding. If a gutter is hung too high and your shingles drape into the gutter, they will act like straws and pull water up and onto a roof causing dry rot. Dry rot can lead to removing sections of roof shingles and the wood underlayment, sometimes resulting in rafter rot. Shingles should never extend into a gutter. If clogged gutters were not your issue, the past winter could have left its toll and led to its own spring gutter problems. Gutters filled with ice will often lead to the same problems as a spring gutter clog with water melting the solid block of ice that has formed in.

Water Damage

Water damage to a home from clogged gutters.

  1. Gutter Cleaning. Yes, gutter cleaning is a spring gutter problem. Most people don't do it often enough. It's dangerous and dirty work that people would rather avoid than do. What's a little water dripping from a gutter? Damage to the most expensive thing you'll ever own.

Gutter Problems

Fallen leaves aren't the only sign that it's time to clean your gutters.

  1. Pollen on a Gutter Guard. Pollen on your gutter guard can be part of common spring gutter problems if your home is already has gutter covers. Pollen can build up if it doesn't rain while trees drop all their buds. Sap can accompany pollen as well. If it doesn't rain, pollen and sap dry on the covers. If you go for a period of time without a lot of rain, spray your hose onto your roof to wash this away. Think of how much windshield washer fluid it takes just to clean this gunk off your car's windshield from the time you park it in the evening until you get back in it in the morning as a guide and get your roof wet!

Spring gutter problems should be addressed before summer thunderstorms hit. A flash summer storm can cause gutters to overflow in a matter of moments, so address these problems early. Call MasterShield at 1-703-763-5927 for a free consultation or contact us online.

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