Job review from in Gainesville, VA 20155 on 02/17/17

Overall Rating:

5  out of 5

After procrastinating way too long with deteriorating gutters and watching the edge of my roofline impersonate Niagara Falls during storms,  I decided to address the problem by contacting Mastershield.  Prior to doing so, I had performed detailed research on the internet, comparing various gutter systems with a specific eye to performance over time.  My research led me to Mastershield, and specifically to Tom Kahn's family-run gutter installation business which just happened to be "down the street" from us. 

Tom came out in late March, performing a walk around with me, detailing his opinion on what needed fixing and what didn't.  He recommended upsizing the lower front gutters and downspouts to 6" from 5" due to the runoff from the upper story.  The integrity of the remaining gutters was fine, and he recommended only installing Mastershield on those, after making sure they were completely cleaned out first.  Tom's demeanor was professionally relaxed with no sales pressure whatsoever.  It was a pleasant experience. 

After the walk-around, Tom spent some time crafting an estimate on the spot and then discussed each line item with me and gave me a price for the entire job, including the Angie's List discount.  The estimate of $4K was in the ballpark of what I had expected.  The final price matched the estimate exactly. 

The job was scheduled for April 8th.  The crew showed up and performed all of the work in a single day.  They were professional and had a high level of expertise.  There were no additional problems or issues that cropped up during installation.  Near the end of the day, the lead installer performed a post-installation walk-around with me, showing and explaining exactly what they did.  Everything in the contract was fulfilled. 
 The one minor drawback, which has been noted by some other reviewers, is that not all of the trash was removed after job completion.  It wasn't a big deal, as it took me less than 5 minutes to pick up a couple of the old mesh guards that had been discarded, along with a bag of other trash and a couple of excess scraps left on the lawn.  I informed Tom, who was very apologetic and stated that he would reemphasize the clean-up issue with the crew.  Again, it was no big deal, but it was one area that I noted could be improved. 

So what's the bottom line?  Let's just say that we've had a couple of big rain events, one of which dumped 5 inches of rain (!) on us, and the gutters performed flawlessly.  I cannot tell you how gratifying it was to see the end of Niagara Falls and not have to worry about potential foundation damage now that all the water is being redirected properly.  Also, I have noted no problem with "tree trash" during springtime, potentially interfering with the Mastershield system.  There have been no blockages or issues with runoff to date. 

The recommendation to upgrade the front gutters to 6 inches was excellent.  I'm incredibly happy with the entire job and its results.  The price was not cheap, but I'll gladly pay a little extra for top quality, and top quality is exactly what I received.  Thanks to Tom and the crew!

Description of work:

Upgraded 1st story front gutters and downspouts from 5 to 6".
Cleaned and re-pitched 2nd story front and rear gutters.
Removed old mesh gutter guards.
Replaced 12 feet of water-damaged front fascia board.
Installed Mastershield on all gutters.
Replaced downspout splash blocks.
Painted new front gutters and downspouts to match trim.

Disposed of old materials. 

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Thanks for the kind words. Hope all is well. Glad the new gutters look and operate as they should be. The lower gutter we had to replace carried much too much water from the upper roof line. We needed to replace it anyway to replace some of the damaged wood behind it. The house looks wonderful. And thank you for the referral to your neighbors.

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