Job review from in Montgomery Village, MD 20886 on 02/17/17

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I wasn't at home when the shields were installed but I am pleased with the installation and performance of the shields to date. The only concern I have with the shields is that during snow storms and the intense cold that we recently experienced, ice formed over the shield grids and did not allow the water from the melting snow to easily pass into the gutters. This resulted in some pretty large icicles forming overhead which was a bit scary as I had to pass under them when entering and exiting the house. Other than that, they perform flawlessly.

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The age old problem of icy gutters and guards. Yes, as we explain to all our customers, ice and snow will sit on top of the Mastershield for short periods of time in the winter. Nothing we can do about that. We also explain that if the snow is not on top of the guards, its blocking your gutters which will cause ice damming in certain homes. Some homes experience no ice, some do. I tell everyone that if you got ice before, you will get them again but at least as the snow melts, its rolling into a clean unblocked gutter and will stop the threat of ice damming. Any gutter guard will cause ice to form. Its the nature of the beast. The good news is it last about 1-2 days during a storm and the other 360 days of the year your gutters are clog free!

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