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Why MasterShield is the Only Choice for Inside Valleys

Thursday, July 27th, 2017 by Tom Kahn

One of the most common problems customers face with their gutters is how to handle the water that collects in the valley where two sections of roofing meet. Often what happens is a large volume of water will collect in this valley during heavy storms, and it overshoots the 5" gutters on the inside corner. When you put on gutter covers, it usually increases the problem instead of solving it.

In the following video, you can clearly see this problem:

Unlike anyone else, MasterShield has a way to handle this. Micro mesh system inventor and patent holder Alex Higginbotham has created and patented another integral part of MasterShield called an Inside Valley Pan, shown in the image below.

How it works is when it rains, instead of the water overshooting the gutters at the corner, the large surface area of the inside miter pan will collect it all and channel it into the gutters.

This way, all rainwater is captured by the system, even during the heaviest downpours.

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