Gutter Health Checklist

Gutter Health Checklist

Problem signs to look for to decide if it's time for new gutters

You don't want to get sold on new gutters when you don't actually need them. Hometown Gutters & Guards can help you evaluate your gutters and decide the best course of action for your home. Below is a checklist to help you determine whether or not it is time to replace your gutters.


Gutters are cracking or splitting

Even if the cracks are small, they WILL eventually turn into much larger ones. It is only a matter of time. If left unfixed, water will seep through these cracks, causing potentially severe damage to the fascia boards your gutters are attached to, your walls, and your foundation.

gutter mold

Mold on the gutters or soffits is a clear sign of a problem.

Evidence of leaking at joints or corners

If you see mold or mildew starting to develop at the joints and corners of your gutters, it is a telltale sign that they are leaking.

Paint or finish on siding, fascia boards or soffits is discolored, flaking or fading

If the area surrounding your gutters is discolored, peeling, or fading, you have a serious problem. The finish on your home is specifically designed to withstand the environment, so if it is not doing its job, there is something very wrong.

"Tiger stripes" on gutters

If you see gray and black streaks on the side of your gutters, they are not working. These stripes mean that your gutters are overflowing and should be inspected.

crawl space flood

Damaged gutters can lead to water pooling in the crawl space or basement.

Pooling water or signs of mold and mildew

Check your gutters after a rainstorm at least once a year. The goal of a gutter system is to keep the water away from your foundation and prevent it from getting damaged. If there are pools of water, mold, or mildew near your foundation, your gutters are not draining properly. Water can be extremely damaging to your home, and in the long run, repairing your foundation will be a lost more costly than checking and replacing your gutters.

Gutters are warping, sagging or pulling away from home

If your gutters are not retaining their shape or are not firmly attached to your home, this could be a sign of severe damage to your home. It could indicate dry rot in the fascia, storm damage, foundation damage, and more, and you should have them looked at.

If your gutters fail to meet the health requirements in this checklist, it might be time for new ones. Call Hometown Gutters & Guards today to schedule a consultation and get an estimate today. We offer complete gutter services in Arlington, Reston, Fairfax, Bethesda, Burke, Manassas, Woodbridge, Alexandria, Silver Spring, Springfield and throughout the surrounding areas.

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