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Angies List Super Service Award 2019
Mastershield Gutter Guards was selected as one of the TOP Gutter companies and therefore awarded with another Angies List Super... [Read more]
Angie's List Super Service Award 2016
MasterShield Gutter Guards earned the Angie's List Super Service Award for the fourth year in a row in 2016.... [Read more]
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Gutter Installation and Replacement Services in Fairfax County, VA

Hometown Gutters & Guards has been VA's premier gutter solution company since we opened our doors. We have helped thousands of customers resolve their gutter issues, and we also offer siding installation and replacement windows and doors.

As a family owned and operated company, we care about our customers and our neighborhood. We are dedicated to providing safe and reliable service for all of our customers, giving them peace of mind for years to come.

Benefits of Working with Hometown Gutters & Guards:

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  • BBB Accredited and Longtime Local Business

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We often don't think much about our gutters until there's already a problem - and while this is easy to understand, there are easy solutions to cut down on the amount of trouble your gutters can cause. Inviting a professional to clean your gutters or install gutter guards to prevent clogging will dramatically decrease the hassle you will otherwise experience!

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Case Studies From Fairfax County
Old leaky gutters that barely made it thru the winter. Have so many trees need something to eliminate constantly cleaning the gutters
The customer at this location in McLean, VA. was having issues with overflow and ice slides on his new home. The gutters themselves were under 6...
This town home was so high that the homeowners could not maintain nor hire anyone willing to get up and clean their system on a regular basis. It...
Job Stories From Fairfax County, VA
New Gutters Cut Down on Cleaning for Annandale Man

This was a simple job.  The gutters on the existing house were old and coming loose from the fascia.  The homeowner was tired of getting up on the roof to clean his gutters.  He felt he owed it to himself (80+) years old, to have a system installed that all the Annandale Oak trees, pine needles, and Maple helicopters would not get into his gutters ever again.  So he looked on Angie's List, saw we were an A+ provider who specializes in Gutters and Gutter Protection and gave us a call.

There were 2 long gutters, approximately 60' each but the house currently only had one downspout due to poor drainage in the rear.  So what we did was add a larger 6" gutter with larger 3x4" downspouts and put 2 on each side.  We channelled the water from the rear to underground drains and dug them towards a slope on the side yard to provide an outlet for the water that wouldn't disturb his foundation or his neighbors.  Now his gutters work great, carry all the water, and he never has to clean them again!  Win Win

New Gutters Cut Down on Cleaning for Annandale Man - Photo 1
New Gutter Guards for Burke, VA Resident

Glenda L. - Burke, VA. had a problem with "helicopters" entering her gutter system.  We then informed  her that MasterShield will keep ALL the debris out.  She was ecstatic.  Glenda was very happy with our company, installers, and office manager.  She stated, "The contractors arrived on time, worked efficiently and did a great job.  I was very impressed by their customer service when they corrected a mistake made by the factory with a box that was incorrectly labeled, eggshell, when it was really white." Our installers noticed the difference, phoned to our office, and our office manager delivered the correct color 30 mins later.  She now has no issue with any debris!

New Gutter Guards for Burke, VA Resident - Photo 1
Green Products for a house in Herndon, VA.

Marie K. - Herndon, VA. - had a 25 year old gutter system installed with spikes.  She needed it upgraded to a system that would capture all the water from the roof but also allow her to reuse the water in a harvesting system.  MasterShield is a GREEN product.  What does that mean? It means that 100% of the water collected by MasterShield is potable, pure rain water.  After installing 6" k-style gutters and 3x4 downspouts, we also integrated rain barrels in the garden sections of the home.  Now, she is able to water her plants during the drought days of summer.

Upgrade to Gutter System in Springfield, VA.

Lucy M. - Springfield, VA. - needed an upgrade to her gutter system.  We provided her with larger 6k gutters, 3x4 downspouts, and MasterShield.  With the tall trees around her house and the amount of debris shedding off them year around, MasterShield was a necessity.  Lucy will now not have an issue with overflows or clogging gutters and downspouts again.

Upgrade to Gutter System in Springfield, VA. - Photo 1
Trees = Debris in Reston, VA.

John C. - Reston VA. lives in Reston.  The nice part about Reston is it is a planned community with lots of trees around the home, the bad is all the debris you get coming down every spring, summer, and fall.  We decided to upgrade the gutter size to our commercial size, 6k-style gutters and 3x4 downspouts.  MasterShield was installed as well to protect his new gutter system as well as his underground drains.  

If in Reston VA. MasterShield is your only solution to keep ALL debris out of the gutters and off of the filter!

Gutter Water Overflow in Oakton, VA.

M. Smith - was having overflow issues all around her house.  He had smaller gutters and needed an upgrade.  We installed 6k gutters, 3x4 downspouts, and MasterShield.  Now, all the water will be captured. 

Gutter Water Overflow in Oakton, VA. - Photo 1
Old Gutter Guard Causing Issues in Vienna, VA

C.Saddy - was having issues with overflow and clogged gutters.  Even though she had a gutter guard in, it was one that wasn't working.  It was a flat system that was collecting debris on top of it.  We came in and took out the old gutter guards and installed MasterShield.  She will now never have to worry about overflow or clogged gutters again.

Old Gutter Guard Causing Issues in Vienna, VA - Photo 1
New Gutter Guards for Centreville, VA Resident

This Centreville resident was getting tired of having to hire someone to periodically clean out his gutters, so he called us. After we installed MasterShield, he will never have to clean his gutters again.

Gutter Repair in Fairfax Station, VA

In this home, the customer was experiencing water damage to their home as a result of gutter leakage. So he called us, and we realigned the entire system. We then installed MasterShield as a preventative measure to protect against future water overflow.

Gutter Guard Installation in Great Falls, VA

This large family home had gutter covers in the past, but the homeowners always found them getting clogged with debris from nearby trees. So they reached out to switch their gutter protection system to MasterShield. Now, their gutter guards are self-cleaning, and will never get clogged again.

Gutter Installation in Chantilly, VA

This home in Chantilly, VA was suffering from old, clogged gutters. We came by and replaced the gutters and downspouts around the entire home with new, custom-made ones.

Townhomes need gutters too!

We often get calls from owners of Town homes. They are tall and the gutters are unreachable with normal sized ladders. We replaced fascia boards that had previously rotted with synthetic boards and installed larger 6" gutters and Mastershield gutter guards to protect this house for good.

Townhomes need gutters too! - Photo 1
Replace my old gutters please!

This is a common job for us.  The homeowners had their roof replaced due to hail damage.  The problem was that the Roofing company demanded to do their gutters too.  The bigger problem was that company only offers a very ineffective gutter guard.  Most customers do not take the time to really investigate the quality of the gutters.  This customer demanded the best.  We replaced all their gutters with a large, 6" gutter and larger downspouts, and installed the bst gutter guard avalible.  No more leaves, no more overflows, and no more worries of overflowing gutters.  We also replaced the rotted wood on the fascias.

Replace my old gutters please! - Photo 1Replace my old gutters please! - Photo 2
Townhouse in Reston needs a quality gutter guard

This customer in Reston, VA. had new gutters, but they were not covered with a quality gutter protection.  Reston is notorious for their trees, which means a lot of debris falling year round.  We gave the existing gutter system a tune up and cleaning first.  Once the system was cleaned and prepped, we installed the MasterShield gutter system.  

MasterShield is a system that follows the angle of the roof.  This allows debris to continue off the system and not get caught up in the gutter nor guard.  Now the homeowner will not have to clean the system or call us to come clean it.



Townhouse in Reston needs a quality gutter guard - Photo 1
Original system in Herndon, Virginia in need for an upgrade

Old gutter systems are installed with "spikes" or nails.  This hardware pulls away over time and usually lasts 10-15 years.  At this home, we removed the old system and replaced rotted wood, due to overflow, with a new system that is installed with inside hangers and screwed into the fascia board. 

Original system in Herndon, Virginia in need for an upgrade - Photo 1Original system in Herndon, Virginia in need for an upgrade - Photo 2
Picking the wrong gutter guard can cause damage

At this home in Alexandria, Virginia the homeowners had their gutters replaced 5 years prior.  The problem was that they installed a gutter guard that would clog, then cause overflow.  The overflow of water was getting into the basement and causing mold issues.  

At this job, we had to remove the old gutter guards and install MasterShield.  MasterShield is designed to pull the water into the system, while not allowing ANY debris!  Now the homeowner's basement is drying out and they no longer are getting overflow due to the WRONG gutter guards.



Picking the wrong gutter guard can cause damage - Photo 1
I need Gutter Guards

This customer has had a problem with overflowing gutters since they moved into their home 5 years ago.  They tried having them cleaned, only to find out the company they hired didn't do a very good job and left the downspouts full of debris.  They thought that having the gutters cleaned once or twice a year would be sufficient to keep them flowing.  What happened this winter was the weight that built up in the gutters from debris and water caused the gutters to pull away from the house and water deteriorated the fascia board.  They needed all new gutters, downspouts, fascia, on most of the house.  It could have all been avoided by using a good quality gutter guard such as MasterShield with the built-in copper strip that eliminates the need for cleaning.  Lesson Learned

I need Gutter Guards - Photo 1
Leaf guards, k-guards, gutter helmet Mastershield

Which is the best product to keep my husband off his Ladder and off the roof?  While all these products will keep the gutters clean, MasterShield is the only one that doesn't need to be cleaned itself.  You have to remember that if your guards clog your entire system will overflow.  The copy-infused panels make MasterShield a heavy hitter in the industry with a lifetime warranty that you will never clean your clutters again.

Leaf guards, k-guards, gutter helmet Mastershield - Photo 1
Remodeled Home

This freshly remodeled home in Burke was missing one thing.  Gutter Guards.  We didn't want to use Leaf Filter because we heard they don't honor their warranty.  So very true.  By the time they clog your check has cleared and no warranty exists anymore.  It's the old good till your check clears philosophy.  MasterShield will be here to fix or replace your system for many years to come.  It rarely needs service however if it does it's a simple phone call to schedule.  Please call us today for an honest estimate for your gutters. 

Remodeled Home - Photo 1
What product to choose?

Here is the problem.  Too many choices when it comes to gutter guard systems.  Unless you really research the products I will be the first to admit it is confusing however hopefully this helps.

Always look for one that has the most pitch to the guard however still brings in the water into the gutter.  This helps eliminate build up on top of the gutter guard itself

Look for a guard that has copper infusion in the mesh of the panel.  This helps break down debris and does not allow it to block water flow into your gutter.

Beware the old price is only good until.....This is a pressure devise that many inferior products have to use to keep you from making up your mind after you do your own research


What product to choose? - Photo 1What product to choose? - Photo 2
I need gutter guards BAD

Most homeowners don't realize the mess their gutters make during the year.  Even if they are cleaned out 3-5 times a year it usually isn't enough.  That is just throwing money down the drain.  If you invest in a great gutter guard system, such as Mastershield, you will never clean your gutters again.  That is our guarantee to you

I need gutter guards BAD - Photo 1
Our gutters need help

Our gutters are leaking at the seams.  Can you help us?  Yes.  When we install a Mastershield Gutter Protection System we  will clean all your gutters and downspouts, align you gutters for proper pitch, and seal your gutters so they won't leak.  We then install the highest  rated gutter guard on the market and you receive a lifetime warrenty that is transferable!

Our gutters need help - Photo 1
New larger gutter system for customer getting overflow

This job in McLean, VA. was a home with an original gutter system that was starting to become disconnected and overflow due to being clogged with pine needles.  


We installed a new larger system with Valor gutter guards to ensure the system would never get clogged again.

New larger gutter system for customer getting overflow - Photo 1
Valor Gutter Guards are a must have for oak tassels!

This customer in Annandale, VA. had a tremendous amount of oak tassels from her 70-foot oak trees.  She currently had a flat gutter guard installed, which was causing more damage by eliminating water flow and getting debris built up constantly.  


We removed her existing gutter guards, cleaned the system, and installed Valor Gutter Guards.  Valor gutter guards are installed at the roof pitch.  This allows them to self-clean and lets debris continue down the roof line and not settle on the product.  


She now has a clean system that works!

Valor Gutter Guards are a must have for oak tassels! - Photo 1
Large home in Fairfax Station, VA. having water control issues

This customer in Fairfax Station, VA. has a large home with many roof lines.  These complex roof lines create valleys where water runs extremely fast down, in a concentrated area.  


We cleaned the system and installed Valor Gutter Guards on the existing 6k gutter system.  In the corners, Valor Gutter Guards have a high flow filter, which is designed for the valley areas.  The filter is slightly larger, which allows more water into the system.


The customer now has all the water from the roof going into the gutter system and not into the foundation.  

Large home in Fairfax Station, VA. having water control issues - Photo 1
Foundation damage due to inferior gutter guards

This customer in Falls Church had gutter guards installed by a contractor bought from one of the Home Improvement stores.  They were so clogged, even though the customer cleaned the product every couple of weeks, that water was cascading over the gutter system going into their basement.  


We came out and removed the old system, cleaned the gutters AND downspouts, and installed the Valor Gutter Guards.  The system now controls the water coming down the roofline, allowing just water into the system.  

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